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Rev. William H. Tomlin, Sr.


Rev. William H. Tomlin Sr. was born August 5, 1878 in Montgomery, Texas. He married Lina Evans born in West Virginia. They had 9 children - Rebecca Tomlin (1892 in Texas), Frank Tomlin (in Texas), Paul Tomlin (1901 in Texas), Dan Tomlin (1897 in Texas), William "Will" Tomlin, Jr. (1895 in Texas), Ruby Tomlin, Hesther Tomlin (1907 in Texas), Beatrice "Bessie" Tomlin (1905 in Texas), and Riley Tomlin, Sr. (1902 in Texas).

Rebecca Tomlin


Rebecca Tomlin was born in Texas. She married Hayward Collier and had 14 children:


Son - Jack Tomlin-Collier (Minnie Ola)

No Children

Son - Huling Collier, Sr. (Juanita Fambrough)

Son - Huling Jr.

Son - Gerald

Son - Robert Tomlin-Collier

No Children

Son - Ulyse Tomlin-Collier (Katherine)

No Children

Daughter - Mae Tomlin-Collier (Cleveland Cotton)

Son - Butch

Son - Cleveland

Daughter - Onita Tomlin-Collier (Milton Young)

Son - Ernest

Daughter - Loretta

Son - TL Tomlin-Collier (Venita Robert)

Son - Donnie

Son - Kent

Daughter - Christine

Son - Haywood Tomlin-Collier (Dorothy Solomon)

Daughter - Dora Jean

Son - Michael

Daughter - Helen Tomlin-Collier

No Children

Son - Alvin Tomlin-Collier (Gussie Campbell)

Son - Harold

Daughter - Elaine

Daughter - Sheila

Son - Clifford Tomlin-Collier (Maxine Campbell)

Daughter - Nora Ann

Son - Reginald

Daughter - Ernestine Tomlin-Collier (Tom Riley)

Son - Timothy

Daughter - Nadine Tomlin-Collier (LaVerne Powers)

Son - Kirk

Son - Billy

Daughter - Olga Tomlin-Collier

No Children

Daniel J. Tomlin


Dan Tomlin was born in Texas. He married Emma Demasters.


Daughter -Lucy Tomlin (James H. Smallwood)

Daughter - Verna Nebora Tomlin (Joseph Booker)

Daughter -Barbara Tomlin (William Albright)

Daughter -Lillie Tomlin

Rev. Paul Tomlin


Paul Tomlin was born in Texas. He had 2 children.

Son - Richard Tomlin (lives in Oklahoma)

Son - Jack Tomlin (lives in Missouri)



Hannah Tomlin


Hannah Tomlin was born in Texas.



Hester Tomlin


Hester Tomlin was born in Texas.



Riley Tomlin, Sr.


Riley Tomlin was born in Texas. He married Octavia Whaley and had 6 children. He married Elizabeth Loring and had 4 children.


Son - Riley N. Tomlin Jr.

No Children

Son - Bill Eardie Tomlin (Earline)

Daughter - Vera

Son - Bill Eardie Jr.

Son - Alvin

Daughter - Charlene

Daughter - Debra

Son - Larry

Daughter - Vanessa

Daughter - Carlina

Son - Ken

Son - Amos Tomlin

Son - Curtis

Son - Clarence Tomlin (Lena)

Daughter - Marlida

Son - Michael

Son - Joseph

Son - Virgil Tomlin (Connie)

Daughter - Brenda

Daughter - Robin

Daughter - Tiffany

Son - Christopher

Son - John Henry Tomlin

Daughter - Lucille Tomlin (Lester Smith)

Daughter - Michelle

Daughter - Leslie

Daughter - Loretta Tomlin

Daughter - Chovenne

Son - Robert

Daughter - Cozetta Tomlin (Ken Blake)

Son - Andre

Daughter - Rachel

Daughter - Nicole



William "Will" Tomlin, Jr.


William H. "Will" Tomlin also known as "Will" was born in Texas. He married Cozetta S. They lived in Akron, Ohio. He had no biological children.


Frank Tomlin


Frank Tomlin was born in Texas. He married Mary. 


Son - Harold Tomlin (Mary Chaffers)

Son - Harold Jr.

Daughter - Camille

Daughter - ??


Beatrice "Bissie" Tomlin


Bessie Tomlin was born in Texas. She married Mr. Brown.



Ruby Tomlin


Ruby Tomlin was born in Texas. She married Mr. Banks.



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