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Rev. James William "JW" Tomlin, Sr.


Reverend James William "JW" Tomlin, Sr. was born 1888 in Texas. He married Etha Spears born in 1892 in Texas. They had 8 children - Theodore Tomlin, Sr. (1893 in Texas), Ivory Tomlin (1914 in Oklahoma), Sylvania "Sylvia" Tomlin (1915 in Oklahoma), James William Tomlin, Jr. (1920 in Oklahoma), Jake Tomlin (1922 in Oklahoma), Amos Tomlin (1924 in Oklahoma), Nancy Tomlin (1928 in Oklahoma), and Tollie Tomlin (1933 in Oklahoma).

Theodore Tomlin, Sr.


Theodore Tomlin, Sr. was born in Texas. He married Florance Reaves. They had 5 children:


Daughter - Bessie Tomlin (Fred Brown)

Son - Rudolph "Poo" Tomlin, Sr. (Irma Jean Davis)

Daughter - Maxcine Tomlin (James Smith)

Daughter - Etha Tomlin (Calvin Hornbeck)

Son - Theodore Tomlin, Jr. (Linda Iron)

Sylvania "Sylvia" Tomlin


Sylvia Tomlin was born in Oklahoma. She married Sylvester Franklin. They had 3 children:


Daughter - Imogene Franklin

Son - Sylvester Franklin

Daughter - Jackie Franklin

Jake Tomlin


Jake Tomlin was born in Oklahoma. He married Annie Alexander. They had 1 child:


Daughter - Elane Tomlin

Nancy Tomlin


Nancy Tomlin was born in Oklahoma. She married E.B. "Horace" Williams. They had 8 children:


Son - Billie Williams

Daughter - Theresa Williams

Son - Victor Williams

Son - Wayne Williams

Son - Russell Williams

Son E.B. Williams, Jr.

Son - Ronald Williams

Son - Kevin Williams

Ivory Tomlin


Ivory Tomlin was born in Oklahoma. She married Earl Blassengill, Sr. They had 5 children:


Son - Laurance Blassengill

Son - Earl Blassengill, Jr.

Son - James J. Blassengill

Son - Reamond Blassengill

Daughter - Beleva Blassengill

James William Tomlin, Jr.


James William Tomlin, Jr. was born in Oklahoma. He married Lehama Hooper. They had 2 children:


Son - James William Tomlin, III

Daughter - Brenda Tomlin

Amos Tomlin, Sr.


Amos Tomlin, Sr. was born in Oklahoma. He married Euphene Marzett. They had 7 children:


Son - Chester Tomlin

Daughter - Carolyn Tomlin

Son - Amos Tomlin, Jr.

Daughter - Eulah Tomlin

Daughter - Sylvia Tomlin

Daughter - Myrtle Tomlin

Daughter - Mary Ann Tomlin

Tollie Tomlin


Tollie Tomlin was born in Oklahoma. She married Amos J. Stevenson, Sr. They had 7 children:


Son - Larry D. Stevenson

Son - Amos J. Stevenson, Jr.

Daughter - Norma J. Stevenson

Son - Glenn Stevenson

Son - Palmer Stevenson

Daughter - Paulette Stevenson

Daughter - Anne E. Stevenson

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