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Edward Tomlin and Sylvia Scott


The beginning of our family roots began in Okfuskee County in Boley, Oklahoma.  Edward Tomlin was born 1847 in Tennessee, he was the son of a slave owner.  Sylvia Scott was born 1849 in Virginia, she was a slave.  Together they settled and had 8 loving children - Richard Howard Tomlin (1868), Dan J. Tomlin (1870), William "Bill" Tomlin (1878), Benjamin "Ben" Tomlin (1873), Harriet Tomlin (1876), Nancy Tomlin (1880), James William "JW" Tomlin, Sr. (1888), and Abraham H. Tomlin (1891).

Abraham H. Tomlin, Sr.


Abraham H. Tomlin, Sr. was born 1891 in Texas. He married Nora Thompson born 1894 in Texas. They had 6 children - Elwood Tomlin (1919 in Oklahoma), Princella Tomlin (1916 in Oklahoma), Abraham H. Tomlin, Jr. (1923 in Oklahoma), Percey Tomlin (1930 in Oklahoma), Dorothy Tomlin (1914 in Oklahoma), and Adell Tomlin (1920 in Oklahoma).

Benjamin Tomlin


Benjamin "Ben" Tomlin was born 1873 in Texas. He married Sarah Taylor and had 1 child - John "Daddy Riggs" Tomlin  (1899 in Texas). He married Annie Long, they did not have any children. He married Mary Ann Guest and had 5 children - Edith Tomlin (1922 in Oklahoma), Mary Marie Tomlin (1926 in Oklahoma), Rudolph Leon "Rudy T" Tomlin (1928 in Arizona), Dexter Tomlin, Sr. (1929 in California), and Thelma Tomlin (1932 in California). Ben and Mary Ann also raised their grandson Charles "Buddy" Tomlin Manning (1919 in Texas) as one of their own.

Dan J. Tomlin


Dan J. Tomlin was born 1870 in Texas. He married Emma Peterson born 1882 in Texas. They had 6 children - Infant Tomlin (1916 in Texas), Alvin A. Tomlin (1921 in Kansas), James Tomlin (1923 in Kansas), Cleo Tomlin (1925 in Kansas), Leora Tomlin (1926 in Kansas), and Marion Tomlin (1927 in Kansas).

James William "JW" Tomlin, Sr.


Reverend James William "JW" Tomlin, Sr. was born 1888 in Texas. He married Etha Spears born in 1892 in Texas. They had 8 children - Theodore Tomlin, Sr. (1893 in Texas), Ivory Tomlin (1914 in Oklahoma), Sylvania "Sylvia" Tomlin (1915 in Oklahoma), James William Tomlin, Jr. (1920 in Oklahoma), Jake Tomlin (1922 in Oklahoma), Amos Tomlin (1924 in Oklahoma), Nancy Tomlin (1928 in Oklahoma), and Tollie Tomlin (1933 in Oklahoma).

Nancy Tomlin


Nancy Tomlin was born in 1880 in Texas. She married John Taylor, Sr. They had 2 children - John Taylor, Jr. and Annie Taylor.

Richard Howard Tomlin


Richard Howard Tomlin was born April 14, 1868 in Texas. He married Elnora Demasters born July 9, 1873 in Texas. They had 6 children - Hayward Collier-Tomlin (stepson - 1891 in Texas), Huling Tomlin, Sr. (1899 in Texas), Harlin "Head" Tomlin (1904 in Texas), Taft Tomlin (1909 in Texas), Euverth "Euvett" Tomlin (1911 in Texas), and Ruth Tomlin (1915 in Texas).

William H. Tomlin, Sr.


Reverend William H. Tomlin Sr. was born August 5, 1878 in Montgomery, Texas. He married Lina Evans born in West Virginia. They had 9 children - Rebecca Tomlin (1892), Frank Tomlin (?), Paul Tomlin (1901), Dan Tomlin (1897), William "Will" Tomlin, Jr. (1895), Ruby Tomlin, Esther Tomlin (1907), Bessie Tomlin (1905), and Riley Tomlin, Sr. (1902).

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