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Richard Howard Tomlin


Richard Howard Tomlin was born April 14, 1868 in Texas. He married Elnora Demasters born July 9, 1873 in Texas. They had 6 children - Hayward Collier-Tomlin (stepson - 1891 in Texas), Huling Tomlin, Sr. (1899 in Texas), Harlin "Head" Tomlin (1904 in Texas), Taft Tomlin (1909 in Oklahoma), Euverth "Euvett" Tomlin (1911 in Oklahoma), and Ruth Tomlin (1915 in Oklahoma).

Hayward Collier (stepson)


Hayward Collier-Tomlin was the son of Elnora Demasters. When Richard married Elnora he raised Hayward as one of his own. Hayward married Rebecca Tomlin the daughter of William H. Tomlin, Sr. (Richard Howard Tomlin brother). See William H. Tomlin, Sr. for family details.

Harlin Tomlin


Harlin Tomlin also known as Head was born in Texas. He married Mary Etta Brooks and had 3 children:


Son - William Tomlin (Earnestine Herring)

Daughter - Sandra

Daughter - Donna

Son - Clarence Tomlin, Sr. (Beverlyn Johnson)

Daughter - Karyn

Son - Clarence Jr.

Son - Tony

Daughter - Claudette

Daughter - Kathleen Tomlin (Lloyd Hale)

Daughter - Eleanor

Son - Michael

Son - Brad

Euverth Tomlin


Euverth Tomlin also know as Euvett was born in Oklahoma. She married Luther Smith and Ferman Heslip. Euvett had 1 child:


Son - Ronnie Smith (Marion)

Son - Gary

Daughter - Gail

Son - Sean

Daughter - Traci

Daughter - Jacelyn

Daughter - Kathryn

Daughter - Snoma

Daugher - Nila Rose

Huling Tomlin, Sr.


Huling Tomlin, Sr. was born in Texas. He married Ora Lee Brooks and had 3 children:


Son - Richard Theodore Tomlin (Mary Harrison)

Son - Reginald

Daughter - Trulee

Son - Huling "Hoss" Tomlin, Jr. (Shirley)

Daughter - Brook

Daughter - Patty (Mother Betty Goodman)

Son - Greg (Mother Betty Goodman)

Son - Ralph Tomlin (Mamie Shumpert)

Daughter - Norene

Daughter - Cynthia

Son - Kenneth

Taft Tomlin


Taft Tomlin was born in Oklahoma. He married Hester Ellis. They had 2 children:


Son - Wilfred Howard Tomlin (Delores)

          Son - Craig

Son - Marc 

Son - Marion Eugene Tomlin (Joycelin Roberts)

Son - Michael 

Daughter - Caron 

Daughter - Cathy 


Ruth L. Tomlin


Ruth L. Tomlin was born in Oklahoma. She married Phil Lowery and A.D. Daniels. She had 1 child:


Daughter - Phylis Lowery (Charlie Peppers)

Daughter - Toni

Son - Terry

Son - Edwin

Daughter - Tersea

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