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Benjamin Tomlin


Benjamin "Ben" Tomlin was born 1873 in Texas. He married Sarah Taylor and had 3 children - John "Daddy Riggs" Tomlin  (1899 in Texas), Lockett Tomlin, and Ozella Tomlin. He married Annie Long, they did not have any children. He married Mary Ann Guest and had 6 children - Willard Tomlin, Edith Tomlin (1922 in Oklahoma), Mary Marie Tomlin (1926 in Oklahoma), Rudolph "Rudy T." Tomlin (1928 in Arizona), Dexter Tomlin, Sr. (1929 in California), and Thelma Tomlin (1932 in California). Ben and Mary Ann also raised their grandson Charles "Buddy" Tomlin Manning (1919 in Texas) as one of their own.

John Tomlin


John Tomlin also known as "Daddy Riggs" was born in Texas. He married Naomi Hatter and had 4 children:


Son - Ori "Slim" Tomlin

No Children

Daughter - Felita Tomlin

Son - Nolan

Daughter - Erlene

Daughter - Verlene

Daughter - Cleora

Son - Marice

Son - Nolan Tomlin (Emma Johnson)

Son - Glenn

Daughter - Lynette

Daughter - Debra

Daughter - Joanne Tomlin (Trent Maddox Sr.)

Son - Jerry Shipman

Son - Dwayne Thompson

Son - Trent Jr.

Son - Willard

Daughter - Patricia

Daughter - JoEllen

Son - Brent

Daughter - Brenda

Son - Tommy


Edith Tomlin


Edith Tomlin was born in Okalhoma. She married Willie Johnson, Sr. and had 9 children:


Daughter - Melvina Johnson (Robert Singleton)

Daughter - Tamara

Son - Brian

Son - Willie Johnson, Jr. (Rose)

No Children

Son - Charles Johnson (Sharon)

Daughter - Carol

Daughter - Sharae

Daughter - Monique

Daughter - Michelle

Son - Eddie Johnson, Sr. (Georgia)

Son - Eddie Jr.

Daughter - Kimberly

Daughter - Wendy

Daughter - Andrea

Son - Robert Johnson, Sr.

Daughter - Stephanie

Daughter - Teri

Daughter - Melvina

Son - Rene

Son - Robert Jr.

Daughter - Marolyn Johnson

Son - Marcus

Daugher - Carolyn Johnson (Larry Lynch, Sr.)

Son - Marvin Sr.

Daughter - Karen

Daughter - Angela

Daughter - Adriane

Son - Larry Jr.

Daughter - Mary Ann Johnson

Son - Eric

Daughter - Eleana

Son - Welton

Son - Connell

Daughter - Clara Johnson

Daugther - Christina

Rudolph Leon Tomlin


Rudolph Leon Tomlin also know as "Rudy T" was born in Yuma, Arizona. He married Operetus Clopton. He had no biological children.

Lockett Tomlin


Lockett Tomlin was born in ??. She married Clarde Manning. She had two children:


Son - Charles Manning 

Daughter - Espinolia Manning

Charles Manning


Charles Tomlin-Manning also known as "Buddy" was born in Texas. When Benjamin was married they raised Charles as one of their own. Charles married Veola and had 4 children:


Daughter - Darlene Manning

Daughter - Shelly

Son - Derrick

Son - Bobby Manning

Daughter - Andrea

Son - James

Son - Charles

Son - Tremaine

Son - Robert "Bob" Manning (Leslie Mills)

Son - Miakanse "Mika" Veola

Son - Ian

Daughter - Renee Manning

Daughter - Brandy

Daughter - Tanisha Denise

Son - Allen

Mary Marie Tomlin


Mary Marie Tomlin was born in Oklahoma. She had 2 children (father unknown). When she married John Trice, Sr. they had 4 children:


Daughter - Bonnie Ford Moore

Daughter - Wanda Johnson Hunt

Son - John Trice, Jr.

Daughter - Christine

Daughter - Tina Marie

Daughter - Mary Alice Trice

Son - Bennie Trice

Daughter - Terri Trice

Dexter Tomlin, Sr.


Dexter Tomlin, Sr. was born in California. He married Lessie Allen and had 4 children:


Daughter - Denice Tomlin (Ellis Porter)

Son - Brandon

Daughter - Brittany

Son - Braxton

Son - Dexter Tomlin, Jr.

Son - Johnny Tomlin

Daughter - Anna Marie Tomlin

Thelma Tomlin


Thelma Tomlin was born in California. She married Alvie Madden and had 2 children:


Son - Anthony Madden (Andrea)

Daughter - Amber

Son - Andrew

Son - LaMont Madden

No Children

Ozella Tomlin


Ozella Tomlin was born in ???. She married ??? and had 2 children:


Daughter - Johnola Tomlin-Goucher

Daughter - Lucy 

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