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Our Story


It is good to know about our background but it is of no value unless it adds enrichment to our lives. What is important about knowing family background and genealogy is learning how to love and respect those claiming kinship, whether up the ladder of success or down. Becoming friends is another step in the right direction. We must learn how to become friends then learn how to love one another as family.


Our family roots began in  Okfuskee County in Boley, Oklahoma with Edward Tomlin and Sylvia Scott. They had 8 children - Richard Howard Tomlin, Dan J. Tomlin, Rev. William "Bill" Tomlin, Sr., Benjamin "Ben" Tomlin, Harriet Tomlin, Nancy Tomlin, Rev. James William "JW" Tomlin, Sr., and Abraham Tomlin.


Although many of the Tomlin memebers are deceased, there are many still living. The idea conceived to do this website was not so much as an enlightenment to older family members, but regarded as something special for future genterations desiring knowledge about their family heritage. It is our goal to collect as much family history and information as possible so when we come together in 2018, we will have a renewed bonding of love and unity.  Select a button on the right to see our legacy.


If you have any information you would like to share, please send us an email


Thank you,

2018 Family Reunion Committee

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